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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1978.702
  • Catalogue No.: 7
  • Object type: Bowl and cover
  • Kiln/Location: Blue-and-white, Arita
  • Period/Date: dated 1661
  • Dimensions: H. 22.7 cm, D. 23.9 cm; Inscribed on the cover: Kohirayama Hachizaemon Kanoto-ushi
  • Provenance: Reitlinger gift
  • Description: Large bowl. Wide vertical sides, domed cover with a flat-topped knob and recessed foot. Underglaze blue decoration of continuous design of peonies on the outside of bowl and cover, bordered by a double band at the rims, a single line around foot and knob. Top of knob is blue. Three encircling bands around foot.

    This appears to be unique; no other piece of signed and dated early export porcelain appears to be published. Kohirayama is almost certainly the area in north-western Arita where the early export kiln, Odaru, was situated, and the site on which the factory of the Iwao Company now stands. The name Hachizaemon, probably the name of a potter or kiln-master, is otherwise unrecorded. The inscription giving the date (Kanoto-ushi) is extremely difficult to read, and, it has to be admitted, is not certain.

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