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Robert Plot 1640-96 - scientist & antiquary

Plot and pottery (1): potclays and pipeclays in Oxfordshire

In The Natural History of Oxford-shire (1677) Robert Plot briefly describes (pp 65-66) clays suitable for potting and clay tobacco pipe making, to be found to the east-south-east of Oxford.

'At Marsh Balden Heath, and Nuneham-Courtney, they have a sort of earth of ductile parts, which put in the fire scarcely cracks, and has been formerly used by Potters, but upon what account I know not, now neglected. There is also a Clay near Little Milton that might very well serve for the Potters use. And at Shotover-hill there is a white clay, ..... which during the late wars, in the siege of Oxford, was wholly used for making Tobacco-Pipes there; and is still in part put to that service, mixed with another they have from Northampton-shire'.

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